Run the application in developer mode.


To run the app, run:

$ briefcase dev

The first time the application runs in developer mode, any requirements listed in a requires configuration item in pyproject.toml will be installed into the current environment.


The following options can be provided at the command line.

-a <app name> / --app <app name>

Run a specific application target in your project. This argument is only required if your project contains more than one application target. The app name specified should be the machine-readable package name for the app.

-r / --update-requirements

Update application requirements.


Do not run the application; only install application requirements.


Run the test suite in the development environment.

Passthrough arguments

If you want to pass any arguments to your app’s command line, you can specify them using the -- marker to separate Briefcase’s arguments from your app’s arguments. For example:

$ briefcase dev -- --wiggle --test

will run the app in normal mode, passing the --wiggle and --test flags to the app’s command line. The app will not run in Briefcase’s test mode; the --test flag will be left for your own app to interpret.