When generating an iOS project, Briefcase produces an Xcode project.

Icon format#

iOS projects use .png format icons. An application must provide icons of the following sizes:

  • 20px

  • 29px

  • 40px

  • 58px

  • 60px

  • 76px

  • 80px

  • 87px

  • 120px

  • 152px

  • 167px

  • 180px

  • 1024px

Splash Image format#

iOS projects use .png format splash screen images. A splash screen should be a square, transparent image, provided in the following sizes:

  • 1024px

  • 2048px

  • 3072px

You can specify a background color for the splash screen using the splash_background_color configuration setting.

iOS projects do not support installer images.

Additional options#

The following options can be provided at the command line when producing iOS projects:


-d <device> / --device <device>#

The device simulator to target. Can be either a UDID, a device name (e.g., "iPhone 11"), or a device name and OS version ("iPhone 11::iOS 13.3").