Briefcase is a tool for converting a Python project into a standalone native application. It supports producing binaries for:

  • macOS, as a standalone .app;

  • Windows, as an MSI installer;

  • Linux, as an AppImage;

  • iOS, as an XCode project; and

  • Android, as a Gradle project.

  • the Web, as a static web site using PyScript for client-side Python.

It is also extensible, allowing for additional platforms and installation formats to be produced.

Table of contents#


Get started with a hands-on introduction for beginners.

How-to guides#

Guides and recipes for common problems and tasks, including how to contribute.


Explanation and discussion of key topics and concepts.


Technical reference - commands, modules, classes, methods.


Briefcase is part of the BeeWare suite. You can talk to the community through: